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This is the real deal. I make 60 pounds of hamburger jerky each year. Season it, cold smoke it, and dehydrate it. Now I have doubled my production with a tip that will make big tootsie roll sized tubes. Gun performance is flawless."
"My husband absolutely LOVES this new jerky gun!! After many years of making jerky by partially freezing venison, so it's easy to slice and then adding flavoring by sprinkling it, usually all over the counter as well, he is amazed at the simplicity of this process by using this new gun. Thank you for a great product and I will tell everyone we know about it!"
Janette Estrada
"Just made a large batch of jerky with this, this weekend. Performed like a champ! Easy to load. Ejected the jerky smoothly, evenly, and the long grip handles meant no stress on the fingers even after squirting out 5 large trays of meat. Easy to disassemble and clean. Performed flawlessly."