Review: Honey Pepper Beef Jerky by Carnivore Candy
Brad Jones Sep 01, 2014

The family-run Carnivore Candy has been creating delicious beef jerky for over fifty years — and one taste of their delicious 'Honey Pepper' variety will tell you all you need to know about why.

As soon as you open the bag, you're greeted immediately by the sweet smell of outstanding beef jerky. Your first bite will definitely live up to the promise of that aroma, boasting bold flavors and a hugely satisfying texture.

The first thing that hits you upon tasting this jerky is a pleasant sweetness from the honey. Possessing something of a floral edge, you can tell that only the best quality of honey is good enough for Carnivore Candy. That sweetness then gives way to a bold, peppery warmth that really pairs well with the succulent texture of the meat.

To speak a bit more about that stand-out texture — this is the perfect antidote to anyone tired of dry, tough jerky. It's thick, chewable jerky that uses the texture of the meat itself to best deliver its potent flavors. Carnivore Candy like to include a Dr. Du-More flosser in every package of their jerky, a real testament to the quality of the meat you'll be enjoying.

If you're looking for a classic beef jerky with a well-executed flavor, then you can't go wrong with Carnivore Candy's Honey Pepper Beef Jerky. It's a traditional enough style to please all tastes, but there's enough going on with its balance of honey and pepper that you won't be able to resist another piece.

Honey Pepper is just one of many styles of Carnivore Candy jerky available from Jerky Spot — find it in our web store here.


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