Review: Jeff's Famous Real Bacon Jerky Maple Brown Sugar
Brad Jones Sep 15, 2014

Over the past few years, bacon jerky has become more and more popular — for obvious reasons. You can imagine just why lovers of bacon probably love jerky, and lovers of jerky probably love bacon, so a combination of the two is something of a match made in heaven.

This jerky strikes you immediately with aromas of a bacon-laden breakfast, but with that unmistakeable smoky twinge of a jerky. If you're at all interested in jerky or bacon, you'll no doubt be hooked by the smell alone.

That being said, it's the taste the will keep you coming back for more. A crunchy texture gives way to the inherent sweetness of maple brown sugar, which has been carefully balanced with the meat so as not to be overpowering. Anyone who likes to mix sweet and savory by eating bacon with their pancakes will be right at home with the moreish flavors of this jerky.

In fact, that's what makes this snack such a boon to breakfast-lovers everywhere. Imagine having the great taste of bacon available to you whenever you want it. This long-life jerky is an instant hook-up when you need it the most; you can very well imagine taking it on a camping trip or similar to enjoy something of the comforts of home with a delicious jerky breakfast to start off your day.

And this isn't just a jerky for when you're out in the wilderness. You could use a rasher of two to add serious taste to a salad by crumbling it over the top. That being said, you'll be hard pushed not to simply finish the whole bag before you've time to even consider using it in a recipe.

Jeff's Famous Real Bacon Jerky is available in Honey Glazed Sriracha Black Pepper, Honey Jalapeno and Sweet Lemon Pepper varieties as well as Maple Brown Sugar — find them all on our web store here.


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