Review of Jerky Bills Kickass Beef Jerky (Mild, Medium, & Hot)
David Wolf Jun 12, 2013

Jerky Nazi sampled Jerky Bills Kickass today and after filling our mouths with meat we are ready to deliver a report to our loyal clan of jerky enthusiasts as well as those who just are learning about us for the first time. Jerky Bills Kickass comes in 3 heat profiles and is described as a mesquite teriyaki fusion. Upon opening we liked that it uses big hearty pieces about 5 inch's long on average. You can see the entire contents of the mild bag laid out below next to a ruler. 



from a flavor profile it was very subdued. The notes are very subtle. It isn't a jump out an kick you in the face with flavor type of  jerky, but you do get a mesquite after taste as you begin to chew for a little while. I tend to eat jerky really fast so sometimes the afternotes get by me. JerkyNazi personally prefers flavor notes that are a little more in your face, but Harrison on our team preferred the more subtle flavors of Jerky Bill's over our benchmark Jeff's more intense flavors. 


Love large piece jerky. It feels like your eating real meat. As you can see by our unscripted test bag these give you some big hearty pieces. Just make sure you tear one up before letting a friend grab a piece of jerky!


The mild bag is extremely mild, there is no heat at all to the bag. Sometimes I wish brands would just go with "no hot sauce" or something similar instead of mild. It just a personal preference, but JerkyNazi thinks "mild" imparts that there is at least a presence of heat. The medium bag still isn't very hot, and doesn't really hit you with any sort of heat until after the meat has been swallowed unless you are really taking your time. If you are the kind of person that like a hint of heat, medium is fine to drink without water near by. You can definitely taste the heat on your lips in the hot bag even while you are still chewing, but it is by no means a "I'm gonna show them what hot really is" type of jerky. Overall from a heat standpoint I would say 1,2,& 3 out of a scale of 5 from a heat standpoint. hot was Jerky Nazi's favorite.


We noticed a large difference in how dry the meat was in the 3 bags we tried of the mild, medium, and hot. Jerky Nazi spoke to Jerky Bill about this and he said it was due to drying process causing used which makes it difficult to get the exact same consistency for every bag. We rather like consistency so this wasn't the most exciting news, but he did offer a great tip. If you get a bag the you feel is too dry you can run a single piece under some water for a second, put it bag in the bag and leave it on the dashboard or somewhere that some heat can get to it and the humidity in the bag will be reabsorbed by the rest of the beat to soften it. Inconsistency in dryness is fairly normal with Jerky, but we don't want to be all praise. The size of the pieces of meat was very consistent bag to bag. 

The Pull Test:

The pull test is a test to see what the fiber look like after we rip the jerky. Its a good way to show the dryness of the jerky and the type of meat used. Jerky Bills Kickass samples were on the dry side which means you have to put a little more effort into getting it softened up during the chewing process. A good thing for those that like to take their time with their jerky. If you like it to taste great as soon as its in your mouth, a less dry jerky is preferred. 


Jerky Bills Kickass uses a 4oz bag so it's a little more expensive per bag, but it runs about approx. $2.50/ounce of Jerky which is about average from a cost standpoint for gourmet Jerky.

The Result:

In a head to head match I prefer the forward flavors of Jeff's to Jerky Bills, but Harrision preferred Jerky Bills medium to Jeffs. That just goes to show you how important it is to try lots of different Jerkys as my flavor profile may not be the same as yours. 

The picture below is a piece from the medium bag. Notice how it appears considerably drier than the darker piece above from the mild bag. This is not a characteristic of the medium jerky. It just happened to be that we got a drier batch. 


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  • Posted On October 07, 2013 by Curtis Romero

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