Jeffs Cranberry Jalapeno  Beef Jerky Review
Jerky Nazi Jun 21, 2013

Jeff's sent us over some of their cranberry jalapeno beef jerky to sink our teeth into and this review is the results of that endeavor. If you have tried multiple flavors of Jeff Famous Jerky you would know that it's more than just flavor that changes from jerky to jerky. Consistency, texture, cut size, moisture content, heat, and flavor all play a role. If you couldn't see the packaging you would have no idea these different types of jerky are from the same maker. 


Flavor: Subtly Sweet 

Cranberry Jalapeno was definitely more subdued than we expected. It's not a flavor explosion of cranberry or jalapeno. The flavors are more subtle. To get a better idea of what to expect, think of the name "Hint of cranberry", as opposed to a sweet teriyaki flavor of jerky. This is one is closer to traditional, but you do get a hint of cranberry after you start salivating from chewing. We rate flavor on intensity, not quality, because most of the jerky's we review on this site are top notch. Cranberry Jalapeno gets 2 bull heads on flavor boldness, its definitely a subtle jerky, and may be great variation from traditional if that's your normal play. 

Intensity Of Flavor: 2 out of 5 

Heat: Present But Very Subtle

This is extremely mild. Don't let the jalapeno in the name make you feel like you couldn't enjoy this jerky if you aren't a fan of hot jerky. You have to search for the jalapenos effect on this one, and when it appears after a good bit of chewing, it is extremely mild. From a heat standpoint, I would give this 1 bull head. 

Texture & Cut

This blend seem to have a little thicker cut than some of the other Jeff's famous that we tried. Its interesting how they match piece size with vary flavor. Most of the pieces were in longer strips with about 1/3rd of the bag in the forming of what we call shavings (That's the little pieces you go for when the bag is almost empty and you tilt it upside down). It's not sheet jerky, buts it not all small pieces. This is a good back for when vultures are around (people that want some of your jerky), because you can choose to give them a smaller piece as opposed to having no option but giving them a huge piece of your precious procurement. 


Value: Good

Jeffs Cranberry Jalapeno Beef Jerky comes in 3 ounce bags that normally sell for $7.50/bag which is $2.50 per ounce which is right on our benchmark for value/cost of this level of jerk. We weigh our samples upon review and Jeff's came out to 3.1 out of the bag so they aren't skimping on the jerky.


You can grab Jeff's Cranberry Jalapeno Beef Jerky Here


Shavings (smaller piece content)                                                                          


Average piece size

Upclose texture

Whole bag contents





  • Posted On July 26, 2013 by Craig

    The Cranberry Jalapeno Jerky is VERY good. I was suprised how easy it was to order the product on-line and how quick it arrived. All around a great experience….looking forward to trying other flavors.

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