Step Up Your Game With OSTRIM

Posted on September 17, 2014 by Brad Jones

We all know that jerky can be a delicious snack — but did you ever think about the other benefits that a protein-rich, low-carb food product could have? More and more people are turning to jerky as a supplement to get the most out of their workouts and fitness regimes, and it's a company called Protos Foods that are supplying everyone from pro athletes to your average Joe with OSTRIM, an all-natural product that has been specially designed to fit this purpose.

 "There is no better tasting or performing human fuel available than Ostrim products. I swear by them. My favorite are the teriyaki flavored sticks." - Tim Hewitt, Iditarod Trail Invitational competitor and Protos Foods Athlete.

So what makes OSTRIM such a boon for fitness? The secret is in the meat; a mixture of beef and ostrich tailored specifically to give your body what it needs to go to the next level. Ostrich meat is widely considered as having excellent health benefits, being high in protein while low in fat. All the meat that is used in OSTRIM is naturally raised, so you can be sure that you're not putting anything harmful or artificial into your body that might interfere with your training.

In fact, every aspect of OSTRIM is means-built to fit in with your regime. Any dried meat product needs some level of sodium content so that it's ready to eat without being refrigerated — that's part of the convenience of OSTRIM, you can simply throw a couple of sticks into your gym bag and be ready to go. Having said that, in line with OSTRIM's health-conscious approach, its recipe contains less than half the sodium content of comparable products.

“When is comes down to it there are many products available on today's market, but few that have actually given me the results I've been looking for.  I use Ostrim's Beef/Elk sticks for my quick source of protein and nutrients. “ - Dave Hawk, NPC Mr. Pittsburgh Champion and Protos Foods Athlete

If you want a supplement that provides real, natural protein to help you make the most of your workout, you can't go wrong with OSTRIM. It tastes great and it does its job well. OSTRIM is available here on the Jerky Spot web store.

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Jerky - The Perfect Post-Apocalyptic Snack

Posted on September 11, 2014 by Jonathan Reilly

The night is muggy, humid, moist. The alleyway seems to stretch on for miles and miles, stained with the grime and decay of a city in a decline. Scratch that, these are the markings of a society suffering the inevitable pains of it's dying days. Corrupt governments enact their totalitarian, fascist will upon the unsuspecting citizens who have been mentally immobilized through lifetimes of both subtle and obvious indoctrination. Yet here I stand, a believer in human rights, a mercenary with an addiction to justice and a penchant for delivering said justice with great ferocity. But I'm hungry...I seek nourishment.

As I take a few more steps, the pungent stank of a decomposing civilization stinging my nostrils, I notice a cold, foreboding mist spreading through the alley, heightening the tension a great deal, bathing in the unnatural neon lights from decrepit buildings above. The echos of my steps join the other sounds polluting the alleyway, joining into a twisted symphony of sound. The echoing foot steps bounce around amongst the sounds of homeless vagrants vomiting off their daily handle of hard liquor, the sound of starving rats fighting for scraps of food at the bottoms of dumpsters.

I finally reach the other side of the alley and scope a rundown store across the street. I jet across the street as quietly as possible - this is a bad part of town, and many dangers lie in the post-apocalyptic haze. Upon entering the store I go through aisle after aisle of expired food, until finally...I find something worth eating. Glorious, delicious beef jerky. This will be just the nourishment I need to make it across the wastelands of down town. I'll need my energy if I want to survive the hells that lie beyond the city walls.

Beef jerky would be the ultimate post-apocalyptic snack. Think about it - not only does the jerky rich in preservatives take forever to expire, you can also learn how to manufacture your own jerky. I'd suggest printing out some articles now about the manufacturing of home made jerky just in case the inevitable zombie apocalypse happens tomorrow.

I'd also suggest stocking up on some beef jerky now, considering some of our more popular items are out of stock, like the Biltong: South African Style Seasoned Dried Beef Jerky. Is this a sign the zombies are already descending upon another nation? Who knows! Best to grab yourself some of our remaining stock, such as Mingua Beef Jerky, Jeff's Famous Bacon Jerky Sampler Package, or some smoked venison jerky from Up North.

Better yet, check out our Deals of the Week and save yourself a tiny bit of cash while you invest in your future! And when the ravenous zombie hordes, or unrelenting mutants, or revolting cyborgs start laying waste to the world whilst synth music pumps down from the heavens, you'll be prepared, well-stocked with delicious jerky to energize you to survive!

Interview with Shannon Ronan about Two Chicks Beef Jerky

Posted on September 03, 2014 by Brad Jones

"It all began when I took my love and appreciation of the local, sustainable food that is prevalent here in Marin County, California into my own kitchen," says Shannon Rowan, whose Two Chicks Beef Jerky is currently a whisker away from being funded on Kickstarter. "I began pickling anything I could get my hands on, brewing my own beer, and making homemade beef jerky. I would give out bags to friends/family who consistently asked for more, pleading with me to make a business of it. So here I am, trying to do just that."

Shannon is already well on her way towards her goal of $5,500, having attracted more than fifty willing backers with a winning combination of 'mind-blowing' taste and ethical practices. This is delicious beef jerky that you can enjoy with a completely clear conscience — Shannon is committed to making sure that her product is GMO-free, locally sourced and completely sustainable. "I think what makes my beef jerky stand out from any other brand I've seen or tasted is my commitment to local, sustainable and ethical ingredients," Shannon tells me. "With this, it not only gives me a sense of pride in what I'm producing, but you really can taste the difference in flavor and texture — which is definitely something I hear regularly from people who have tried it."

However, there is of course a light-hearted side to Shannon's eco-friendly venture. You only have to look at the backer rewards available as part of the Kickstarter campaign to see that there's always an element of fun with Two Chicks Beef Jerky. No matter how much you donate, you'll receive a hi-five for your efforts, and anyone pledging more than $100 will receive a CD of "favorite beef jerky makin' tunes" as well three bags of jerky, a hat and a drinks koozie. "I have a pretty eclectic taste when it comes to music — backers can expect to hear anything from Johnny Cash to Madeline Peyroux to The Cave Singers," Shannons says of the CD. "Music is an integral part of most processes in my life."

Having been making jerky for nearly six years, Shannon finds herself on the precipice of 'going pro' and taking her jerky to a larger audience. With a little over three weeks left of her campaign, she looks set to reach her goal, but the need to attract new backers is as essential as ever. However, with great-tasting, eco-friendly jerky as her product, she certainly has everything she needs to make it a success. I ask her what the best jerky she's ever tasted was — aside from Two Chicks, of course. "The best beef jerky I've ever had would probably have to be from this small market outside of Wyoming, near Yellowstone, on a road trip we were on a couple summers ago," she replies. "You could buy it by the strip, and the flavor and texture were great."

The Two Chicks Beef Jerky Kickstarter campaign runs until September 27.

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Meet the Man Crowdfunding the World's Biggest Beef Jerky

Posted on August 27, 2014 by Brad Jones

"I think people who eat jerky are a spontaneous bunch with robust tastes," says Mike Van Alsburg, a man whose own spontaneity has led him to launch a Kickstarter campaign to crowdfund the world's largest beef jerky. "We're a fun group."

The focus here on the Jerky Spot blog typically centers on the perfect jerky for a particular event, or weird and wonderful types of jerky for you to try — but this sort of project bears an importance to the wider jerky community that simply can't be ignored. An illustrative image on the campaign's Kickstarter page depicts a mammoth piece of beef jerky resting on the Eiffel Tower and, while Mike admits that the $200 sum set as the project's funding goal wouldn't quite produce something of that size, there's no limit to his ambition.

Above: An Artistic Impression of the Finished Product, Taken From the Kickstarter Page

"It depends on the funds we raise," he says. "The more funds, the bigger the jerky. $200 would get us a record size jerky even at 2 by 3 feet."

Part of the funds raised will purchase a six-pack of beers, to be drunk while the jerky is being made. "We'll probably get a good local American Pale Ale or India Pale Ale," Mike tells me. "I won't name names but we have good local breweries here in St. Petersburg."

Beer and jerky is a combination that's dear to the hearts of many, and Mike is certainly one of that number. "Beer and jerky go well together because the flavors juxtapose each other," he says. "Yin and yang." He goes on to tell me about a prototype jerky made with beer and infused with hops, as well as a beer glass made from jerky. If this Kickstarter campaign goes well, it's very likely that his next steps will feature beef and jerky standing side by side.

A Previous Batch of Jerky Created by Mike

Above: A Previous Batch of Jerky Created by Mike

Mike is certainly not short of ideas of how to take jerky to the next level. I ask him whether creating the world's biggest beef jerky has been a lifelong goal, but as it turns out, that's far from the case. "I actually thought it up last month," he tells me. "Seemed like a good idea since everything has a record except jerky."

Backers who contribute more than $5 to the campaign will receive a piece of the record-breaking jerky alongside a certificate proving its authenticity. I ask Mike how he would suggest backers enjoy their portion of this landmark jerky once it's been shared out and shipped to them.

"I recommend backers put that piece of historic jerky in a frame and hang on the wall. Then they could get down and hang the framed jerky on the wall. Above the frame, it could say 'In case of snack attack, break glass'," he replies. "Or maybe they should just eat it. It's good stuff."

The World's Biggest Beef Jerky campaign runs until September 12; more information can be found on its Kickstarter page.

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Exotic Beef Jerky to Tantalize Your Taste Buds

Posted on August 23, 2014 by Jonathan Reilly

Exotic Jerky to Tantalize Your Taste Buds

The instinct of a hunter – forever on the prowl, looking to make short work of it's next prey for a delicious meal, to satiate it's hunger. Cunning and ruthless, the predatory beast roams the landscape seeking its bounty, to provide nourishment for itself and for its young. And then you place a well aimed shot right through it's heart and later fashion its carcass into delicious jerky.

Much like these predatory beasts, us humans too have a stake in the food chain. As humans we utilize our intellect and technological advancements to defend ourselves from the other denizens inhabiting our beautiful planet. It is through this ingenuity that we are able to not only survive where our ancestors would have once fallen, but also to prey on the very beasts that would make quick prey of us only a few short centuries ago.

I gotta say, nothing gives a kick to the taste buds quite as satisfying as eating animals that, in other circumstances, could easily maul and eat us. The hunter becomes the hunted, and we feast on what I like to call death defying jerky. Exotic jerky in general has such a punch to it, knowing the delicious jerky you're eating came from an animal that lives on the other side of the globe is simultaneously humbling and empowering. So let's get right into it and start discussing exotic jerky to tantalize your taste buds.

Alligator Jerky
Alligators are quite formidable beasts, oftentimes weighing around 800 lbs and measuring 13 feet long. The largest alligator on record measured to an astonishing 19 feet! Definitely wouldn't want to meet a creature like that in the wild!

All you jerky enthusiasts out there most likely feel obligated to try alligator out, and lucky for you we have some incredible Cajun Alligator Jerky to offer! JerkySpot offers Cajun Alligator Jerky in 20 oz packages, produced by Jerky Junction. Believe it or not, alligator jerky is actually rather healthy, very low in saturated fat yet rich with mono-saturated fat.

You can purchase some of our delicious Cajun Alligator Jerky right here!

Kangaroo Jerky
While Kangaroo's are not animals that feast on the flesh of humans, and there is only one recorded human fatality in recorded history caused by a kangaroo, they are still dangerous animals. Kangaroo's are also likely the first animal to spring to mind when one thinks about boxing, likely because of the stance they regularly take when combating each other. Kangaroo jerky is classified under the red lean meat banner.

Much like our Cajun Alligator Jerky, Peppered Kangaroo Jerky is an excellent choice when choosing a novelty gift or for those beef jerky enthusiasts looking to test their taste buds on as many exotic animals as possible! You can snag some of our delicious Peppered Kangaroo Jerky by following this link!

Python Jerky
Ah, now we're getting somewhere! Although pythons aren't venomous and not particularly dangerous, they are rather intimidating looking creatures. Despite their docility, those who are afraid of snakes should still avoid the reptile section of their local pet store - most pet stores will likely have a few pythons on display, they are a coveted pet for reptile enthusiasts.

Our Python Jerky is another product of Jerky Junction and undergoes a strict FDA approval process at one of their facilities. The pythons themselves are captured in the Florida Everglades. Python meat is a delicacy and is a bit more expensive than the other types of jerky available on our site. The price is the same with a slightly smaller quantity, in 1.5 oz bags.

Let the delicious peppery aroma of of our Peppered Python Jerky overwhelm your taste buds! Purchase some here! (Unless you're pregnant – the mercury content in python jerky or similar python products would be a poor meal choice under these circumstances.)

Exotic jerky gives you bang for you back, offering crispiness that will kick your taste buds into submission with a memorable taste! Cajun Alligator Jerky, Peppered Kangaroo Jerky, and Peppered Python Jerky are only three of the various exotic types of jerky we offer here at the JerkySpot. In fact, why not indulge in one of our Exotic Jerky Game Three Packs, offered by Up North Jerky? Get your venison, buffalo and elk hungers satiated with one convenient product!

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A Beginner's Guide to Jeff's Famous Beef Jerky

Posted on August 21, 2014 by Brad Jones

Have you tried Jeff's Famous Beef Jerky yet? If not, why not? This stuff gets rave reviews wherever it goes; Jerky competitions can't stop handing them awards, not to mention their consistently excellent user reviews on this very site. If you're looking for some delicious jerky — traditional style or something a little more exotic — there's a reason why Jeff's meat is Famous.


Original Old Fashioned

This classic flavor is where it all began for Jeff's Beef Jerky. The culmination of some twenty years of tinkering, the recipe for this legendary jerky delicately combines a special blend of spices into a rich marinade, which is then applied to a fine cut of brisket. Like all of Jeff's offerings, this is a tender jerky, so those wanting a mandible workout might be better looking elsewhere. However, if you're looking for a succulent bit of meat seasoned to perfection in a traditional style, this is a great jerky to try out.

User Reviews

"Great flavor and the low sodium is perfect for my dad!! Will definitely be ordering again." - Dea L.

"Very good and authentic, love it." - Colin M.


Maple Brown Sugar Bacon Jerky

Jeff's Famous : Real Bacon Jerky - Maple Brown Sugar (2oz Bag)

If you're reading this article, the chances are you love beef jerky. That being said, if you're on the internet at all, the chances are that you love bacon. This union of two well-loved meat products is a true match made in heaven for any carnivore. It's sweet, but it' savory. It's a breakfast classic that you'll want to eat all day long. This jerky may well be all things to all people — anyone who is tempted by the thought of a bacon jerky will likely be satisfied by this excellent execution of a truly special idea.

User Reviews

"I bought some for my marine who is overseas! He loves it. Will buy more and keep some for home." - Jane T.

"Deliciousness." - Adam O.


Sweet Teriyaki


Billed as the 'ultimate in tropical flavor fusion,' this jerky's mild Teriyaki marinade takes full advantage of sweetness of the pineapple to produce a truly exotic taste. If you're looking for something out of the ordinary that will still prove to be a crowd-pleaser, you can't go wrong with this delicious meat — it's a great first step for any jerky fan who wants to begin exploring new flavors.

User Reviews

"This has a really great sweet/hot flavor! I really enjoyed it and will be ordering more." - Terry U.

"Just one word: Excellent!" - Michele R.


All of these flavors and more are available from the Jerky Spot store, so why not give Jeff's Famous Beef Jerky a try with your next order? For the more adventurous eater, there's the ultra-spicy Habanero Heat Wave — sure to pack a punch. For something completely different, what about the unique flavor of Orange-A-Peel. Or, if you're struggling to decide between all these different flavors, simply opt for variety and value with the 9-pack sampler package for the best of all worlds.

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