A Beginner's Guide to Jeff's Famous Beef Jerky
Brad Jones Aug 21, 2014

Have you tried Jeff's Famous Beef Jerky yet? If not, why not? This stuff gets rave reviews wherever it goes; Jerky competitions can't stop handing them awards, not to mention their consistently excellent user reviews on this very site. If you're looking for some delicious jerky — traditional style or something a little more exotic — there's a reason why Jeff's meat is Famous.


Original Old Fashioned

This classic flavor is where it all began for Jeff's Beef Jerky. The culmination of some twenty years of tinkering, the recipe for this legendary jerky delicately combines a special blend of spices into a rich marinade, which is then applied to a fine cut of brisket. Like all of Jeff's offerings, this is a tender jerky, so those wanting a mandible workout might be better looking elsewhere. However, if you're looking for a succulent bit of meat seasoned to perfection in a traditional style, this is a great jerky to try out.

User Reviews

"Great flavor and the low sodium is perfect for my dad!! Will definitely be ordering again." - Dea L.

"Very good and authentic, love it." - Colin M.


Maple Brown Sugar Bacon Jerky

Jeff's Famous : Real Bacon Jerky - Maple Brown Sugar (2oz Bag)

If you're reading this article, the chances are you love beef jerky. That being said, if you're on the internet at all, the chances are that you love bacon. This union of two well-loved meat products is a true match made in heaven for any carnivore. It's sweet, but it' savory. It's a breakfast classic that you'll want to eat all day long. This jerky may well be all things to all people — anyone who is tempted by the thought of a bacon jerky will likely be satisfied by this excellent execution of a truly special idea.

User Reviews

"I bought some for my marine who is overseas! He loves it. Will buy more and keep some for home." - Jane T.

"Deliciousness." - Adam O.


Sweet Teriyaki


Billed as the 'ultimate in tropical flavor fusion,' this jerky's mild Teriyaki marinade takes full advantage of sweetness of the pineapple to produce a truly exotic taste. If you're looking for something out of the ordinary that will still prove to be a crowd-pleaser, you can't go wrong with this delicious meat — it's a great first step for any jerky fan who wants to begin exploring new flavors.

User Reviews

"This has a really great sweet/hot flavor! I really enjoyed it and will be ordering more." - Terry U.

"Just one word: Excellent!" - Michele R.


All of these flavors and more are available from the Jerky Spot store, so why not give Jeff's Famous Beef Jerky a try with your next order? For the more adventurous eater, there's the ultra-spicy Habanero Heat Wave — sure to pack a punch. For something completely different, what about the unique flavor of Orange-A-Peel. Or, if you're struggling to decide between all these different flavors, simply opt for variety and value with the 9-pack sampler package for the best of all worlds.