Interview with Shannon Ronan about Two Chicks Beef Jerky
Brad Jones Sep 03, 2014

"It all began when I took my love and appreciation of the local, sustainable food that is prevalent here in Marin County, California into my own kitchen," says Shannon Rowan, whose Two Chicks Beef Jerky is currently a whisker away from being funded on Kickstarter. "I began pickling anything I could get my hands on, brewing my own beer, and making homemade beef jerky. I would give out bags to friends/family who consistently asked for more, pleading with me to make a business of it. So here I am, trying to do just that."

Shannon is already well on her way towards her goal of $5,500, having attracted more than fifty willing backers with a winning combination of 'mind-blowing' taste and ethical practices. This is delicious beef jerky that you can enjoy with a completely clear conscience — Shannon is committed to making sure that her product is GMO-free, locally sourced and completely sustainable. "I think what makes my beef jerky stand out from any other brand I've seen or tasted is my commitment to local, sustainable and ethical ingredients," Shannon tells me. "With this, it not only gives me a sense of pride in what I'm producing, but you really can taste the difference in flavor and texture — which is definitely something I hear regularly from people who have tried it."

However, there is of course a light-hearted side to Shannon's eco-friendly venture. You only have to look at the backer rewards available as part of the Kickstarter campaign to see that there's always an element of fun with Two Chicks Beef Jerky. No matter how much you donate, you'll receive a hi-five for your efforts, and anyone pledging more than $100 will receive a CD of "favorite beef jerky makin' tunes" as well three bags of jerky, a hat and a drinks koozie. "I have a pretty eclectic taste when it comes to music — backers can expect to hear anything from Johnny Cash to Madeline Peyroux to The Cave Singers," Shannons says of the CD. "Music is an integral part of most processes in my life."

Having been making jerky for nearly six years, Shannon finds herself on the precipice of 'going pro' and taking her jerky to a larger audience. With a little over three weeks left of her campaign, she looks set to reach her goal, but the need to attract new backers is as essential as ever. However, with great-tasting, eco-friendly jerky as her product, she certainly has everything she needs to make it a success. I ask her what the best jerky she's ever tasted was — aside from Two Chicks, of course. "The best beef jerky I've ever had would probably have to be from this small market outside of Wyoming, near Yellowstone, on a road trip we were on a couple summers ago," she replies. "You could buy it by the strip, and the flavor and texture were great."

The Two Chicks Beef Jerky Kickstarter campaign runs until September 27.