Step Up Your Game With OSTRIM
Brad Jones Sep 17, 2014

We all know that jerky can be a delicious snack — but did you ever think about the other benefits that a protein-rich, low-carb food product could have? More and more people are turning to jerky as a supplement to get the most out of their workouts and fitness regimes, and it's a company called Protos Foods that are supplying everyone from pro athletes to your average Joe with OSTRIM, an all-natural product that has been specially designed to fit this purpose.

 "There is no better tasting or performing human fuel available than Ostrim products. I swear by them. My favorite are the teriyaki flavored sticks." - Tim Hewitt, Iditarod Trail Invitational competitor and Protos Foods Athlete.

So what makes OSTRIM such a boon for fitness? The secret is in the meat; a mixture of beef and ostrich tailored specifically to give your body what it needs to go to the next level. Ostrich meat is widely considered as having excellent health benefits, being high in protein while low in fat. All the meat that is used in OSTRIM is naturally raised, so you can be sure that you're not putting anything harmful or artificial into your body that might interfere with your training.

In fact, every aspect of OSTRIM is means-built to fit in with your regime. Any dried meat product needs some level of sodium content so that it's ready to eat without being refrigerated — that's part of the convenience of OSTRIM, you can simply throw a couple of sticks into your gym bag and be ready to go. Having said that, in line with OSTRIM's health-conscious approach, its recipe contains less than half the sodium content of comparable products.

“When is comes down to it there are many products available on today's market, but few that have actually given me the results I've been looking for.  I use Ostrim's Beef/Elk sticks for my quick source of protein and nutrients. “ - Dave Hawk, NPC Mr. Pittsburgh Champion and Protos Foods Athlete

If you want a supplement that provides real, natural protein to help you make the most of your workout, you can't go wrong with OSTRIM. It tastes great and it does its job well. OSTRIM is available here on the Jerky Spot web store.