(1lb) Taurus Beef Jerky - Mild Flavor - Thick & Chewy


  • Where it's made: Made in Iowa in a family owned FDA approved meat processing facility
  • Flavor: Think of the pure flavor of the meat and just the right hint of traditional marinade
  • Thickness: Taurus jerky is hand shaved to a thickness that depends on the mood of the journeymen meat cutter of the day feels. Generally pieces are on the thicker side of the jerky spectrum, but expect slight variations depending on the mood of your jerky's journeymen. 
  • Tenderness: Generally tender with bags consisting of large, whole muscle cuts of beef. 

About The Maker

Jerky smoked in the heart of Iowa. Hand sliced, whole muscle strips of meat are slow smoked after marinating in recipes perfected over tens of thousands of pounds of jerky. Taurus jerky starts as eye round steaks sliced by journeymen beef slicers into whole muscles strips of beef before being marinated and smoked in our drying rooms in a variety of flavors. Our pride goes into every delicious bag of jerky. If we do it right, your 1st bag of Taurus Jerky most certainly won't be your last. Making a jerky you can't help but order again is what drive us every day. 

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