Jerky For Hunting Season

The countdown to hunting season makes adult hunters feel as anxious as kids waiting for Christmas morning. Being prepared with everything you need to get a catapult like start and bag the 1st trophy of the season worthy of telling friends can be a matter of getting out earlier and staying out. 

It's no secret that beef jerky (and other types like hunter mini sausages) are a perfectly designed snack for hunting. Whether you are stuck in a tree stand, or using ATV's its convenient, doesn't go bad, is light weight, and fills the belly. We aren't shy in saying we want to be your go to source for all your hunting jerky needs. With a variety of flavors, fast priority shipping, and the ability to buy in bulk packs of as much as 10lbs we have all the jerky you could ever need. 

Want some recommendations? 

No problem. Anything made by Jeff's Famous Jerky is going to knock your socks off in the taste category. If you are going for price per ounce of meet we suggest checking out our bulk jerky options by "bulkbeefjerky" (yeah, that's there name). The honey BBQ is a really popular flavor and is only $24.99 for a full lb. All packs are resealable as well. Enjoy! Feel free to call if you have any questions. 

Get Free Jerky

Are you the kind of guy with a big mouth? Telling friends about can land you some free beef. Just ask us to include some flyers with your order and we will give you a special discount code to share with friends. For every new customer that uses it we will include a free 3 oz bag of jerky in your next order. Now shop away and good luck this season.