Low Sodium Beef Jerky

For those of you out there that watch your salt intake we have put together our list of Jerky's that meet the FDA guidelines to be considered "low sodium". The FDA states that a food has to have less than 140 milligrams of sodium per serving to be considered "low sodium". All of the Jerky's on this list meet that guideline. Chomp away with piece of mind knowing your meeting your sodium intake guidelines. While not all of our jerky's have nutritional values posted in their description, our low sodium jerky collection is meticulously groomed to make sure all the jerky's present are below 140mg/serving. Some go as low as 60mg. 

Polar opposite: Beware of Mingua Jerky if you are trying to limit your sodium intake, it's yummy, but it's the exact opposite of our low sodium jerky's with some flavors tipping the scales at 1,000mg/serving. Yikes!