100% Money Back Guarantee

We so confident you will love the jerky you get that if you don't, just send the unopened packs back and we will give you a full refund..Even the shipping!!

I know, our mother said we were crazy too. Here are the details. We have to be pretty specific about this stuff because otherwise it could get really out of hand.

  • You have to request a refund within 2 weeks of delivery confirmation 
  • Email us if your not happy and we will email you a return label for us with a USPS flat rate envelope, or box if you had a larger order. 
  • If you eat one bag and decide our jerky is not for you we understand, but please do not attempt to send back several open packs of jerky. This will void your guarantee. 
  • Please don't be ridiculous with return requests. We do this to win customers over, but not everyone is the customer we want. Don't be crazy.