Are you trying to raise money for a trip, project, or charity? Looking for easy ways your group can raise the money? We've watch a lot of fundraising attempts and came up with two incredibly easy and profitable fundraising opportunities that are sure to fit your needs. 

Make money for your organization with little to no participation

The most difficult thing in fundraising is getting enough participation from everyone to have an impact. People are busy, and for many its difficult to find the time to go door to door selling anything (even something as delicious and tempting as beef jerky). I don't know a single parent in charge of fundraising that hasn't had to cover for a lazy parent that didn't show up for their turn to work the concession stand and make some money for their kids team. 

We have created a fundraising solution that requires almost no involvement from anyone! That's right, you don't need to worry about rallying the troops. Its revenue on autopilot.

Curious how it works? 

It simple, sign up for our autopilot jerky fundraising program and we will create a unique link to our website for your organization. From their, all you have to is get some visibility to that link and let people know that 10% of any purchases made from people visiting that link will go towards fundraising for your group. 

The best part is that it's not just that order. Anytime they come back in the next 3 months and order again your group will also get credit for it. 

Need more? After you group has generate $1000 in sales (easy to do when the average order size is $50), your group fundraising power will be increased to 15% of every order that comes through your link!

Who is this perfect for? 

Any that has a group email list, an organization website where people visit frequently, an active Facebook page, a large email list, or online presence. Not online, consider amplifying your traditional jerky fundraiser by leaving flyers behind with a custom domain name

Why it's a good choice

It doesn't require as much participation to be successful. There is no upfront fee's, and people love our products. 

Make money with an effective traditional jerky fundraiser

Many people use our traditional jerky fundraiser as a fun and easy way to make great profits for their organization.