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Jerky Manufacturers

We'd love to publish reviews of your jerky products, but we are more than review website & you most likely want to know how you can sell your jerky on our

We have a pretty loyal following of Jerky lovers at all levels that enjoy the variety and ease of ordering from which means if you want access to the customer base (trust us, you do) it means you are going to have to ship your jerky to us, and ship enough for several loyal jerky customers to try it out. Here is how it works. You send us 20 bags of every flavor you want reviewed. 1 gets eaten by the staff for review, and 4 are given away to active customers to review that we think match up well with your Jerky's style. If you get good nods we will make the other 15 bags available for sale in a special promotion with all our readers and free promotion for you. If you they don't sell we send them back to you. If they do sell (no cheating) we will offer your jerky on* as a reseller of your products. Your Jerky must have a UPC and be USDA inspected.


We only sell Jerky's we carry instock in order to ensure an excellent buying experience for Jerky lovers. 


What You Need To Send

Send 20 samples of any Jerky you want us to consider carrying. Make sure they are regular size offerings as we will also be selling 15 of the bags as a promotional offer to give your jerky a kickstart on our platform. Please include any information you think potential jerky buyers will want to know. Such as your background, cuts of meat used, awards, and anything special like being organic or low sodium. 

Supercharge Your Jerky Sales

If your product is well reviewed we have several types of relationships. If you Jerky is a strong seller we would be happy to buy Jerky from you offer to our audience in a traditional retailing relationship. We also offer an Amazon like service where you can send your Jerky to us and get paid full wholesale as it is sold. We take care of all the customer service, shipping, and can focus on making great jerky. We do this because it is to expensive to carry all the Jerky Brands out their, but know there are a lot of great jerky makers OK with taking the first step.  If at anytime you feel like your not getting any attention and want your Jerky back, just pay the shipping and we will send it back. 


Use the service tab on the right to inquire about our Jerky reviews and listing options. 


* reserves the right to refuse listing on it's site and subsidiaries for any reason.