How To Choose The Perfect Jerky

This guide is designed to help anyone find the perfect jerky for their own preference. It's a bit of a crash course that will spill insider secrets of the jerky industry and help you do several important things:

  • Get the most bang for you buck (learn how to buy on quality and not marketing fluff)
  • It will help you understand the ingredients to making beef jerky and how jerkys differ from one another
  • It will help you sound really intelligent while you and your friends are devouring these tasty meat snacks. 

One of the biggest misconception both consumers and jerky makers have in common is the definition of a "great jerky". I believe the reason is because the word "great" is not a measurable term. People's definition of great is wildly different. There are many jerky's on our website that 5 people would give a 5 star rating, and the next person who tries it will think it is terrible and throw it in the trash (yes, people have emailed us about that before). There wasn't anything wrong with the jerky they bought, it just wasn't their cup of tea. 

So how can we define this word "great"? We can start by giving some more specific definitions. Before we do that, you have to know some of the definitions on how to grade jerky on it's merits.