JerkySpot is For Sale

Jason here on behalf of myself and everyone here at JerkySpot.

Our team at InBusiness Inc is exiting the jerky business and we are selling JerkySpot. We are selling because we're quickly expanding with very different businesses on Amazon and in real estate. So more focus is our primary reason for selling.

Here's why JerkySpot will make an incredible addition to your business:

If you're not familiar with JerkySpot, we sell all kinds of jerky online. For example, our site is #2 in for bulk beef jerky. So we get customers from all over the US. Our customer email list is about 6500.

Do You Sell Jerky?

Imagine what would have to happen when you put your products in front of existing JerkySpot customers... plus all of the people who naturally find JerkySpot through places like the Google search engine, advertising, and more!

JerkySpot is the perfect place to launch your jerky business to the next level!

Sean from Lawless Jerky said this after seeing the quality of JerkySpot customers and email list, "We've benefited from a significant bump in online sales, along with broad exposure to a high-affinity audience, at a reasonable cost."

The best part is - this is the experience after just a ONE WEEK long promotion to JerkySpot customers via email.

Imagine what you could do as the new owner of JerkySpot with lifetime promotions, along with everything else JerkySpot can bring to your business.

Want to learn more about buying JerkySpot?

Please let me know as soon as possible. Contact David at his cell phone number listed below for information about price and detailed info on the business.

Thank you,
Jason Caluori
InBusiness Inc.

David Wolf
cell: 1-727-410-6165