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Spending most of your time at a desk gets you really hungry. As a result David Wolf ended up eating a lot of beef jerky as an alternative to doughnuts and other high calorie snacks laying around the office. The problem was the lack of jerky selection available in the local area (most stores only have the big brands and only the most popular flavors). When he went online, he was able to find lots of jerky artisans to try, but most had hard to use website, poor customer service (you can't blame them...they are busy making jerky). The most important thing missing was that they only carried their brand.

The problem was obvious. What craft breweries that carry hundreds of beers figured out long ago had not trickled down to Jerky lovers. There was no place where a jerky lover could discover new Jerky's based on pier reviews and purchase them all in the same place.

Lets say you love Teriyaki flavored jerky, but you want to try a lot of different teriyaki flavored jerky's by different makers. Until, you had to go to each website (many of which aren't the easiest to use), and order all of them seperately paying anywhere from $3 to $10 in shipping from each Brand. Sure they have variety packs, but not everyone wants to eat every flavor of jerky. So you order 

Teriyaki from brand 1 and pay $3 in shipping

Teriyaki from brand 2 and pay $4 in shipping

Teriyaki from brand 3 and pay $2.50 in shipping

Teriyaki from brand 5 and pay $3.25 in shipping

By the time you are done you have paid over $14 in shipping for 4 bags of jerky! There had to be a better way. 


After realizing there are hundreds of great artisan jerky makers making quality products most people have never heard of, he set out on the modest project of subsidizing his veracious appetite for jerky by selling the very Jerky's he loved. What started in June of  '13  with one brand, now carries over 150 different types of Jerky's and growing. 


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