Reserved for only the most elite of Jerky Connoisseur's. The wall of epic awesomeness is an honor bestowed upon those that either impress with exceptional meat related feats, or make Jerky Nazi rich by ordering a 1,000 pack of jerky (hey, if you don't ask no one will do it). We can't tell you how to get on the wall because we don't know how (other than buying a 1k pack). All we can say is Jerky Nazi will know it's something worthy of the Epic Wall of Awesomeness when he see's it..........Give it a shot by trying just about anything to get JerkyNazi's attention. 

Will You Claim A Spot On The Wall? 

So far the only person we've seen that comes even remotely close to claiming an honor as insane as the wall of Epic Awesomeness is some dude in Orlando, FL. who call himself Korndogg and runs a ton of Karaoke events. The picture on his website says it all....Epic