is looking for a few great writers who are can take on the job of writing reviews of our various jerky's and creating video posts about them. We aren't looking for razor thin 200 word articles that don't bring any value to anyone. We want indepth reviews complete with background on the companies that make the product, where their cows come from, what cuts they use, and other important facts jerky lovers need to know. If you think you fit the bill, here are the requirements and pay:

Requirements: Have to already eat jerky on a regular basis. We aren't looking for a writer that will eat jerky to getting a writing gig. We are looking for a jerky lover that happens to be a writer. Research will be required since we believe to get the whole jerky experience you need to know where your jerky comes from. Ability to do video reviews is a plus but not required. 

Rewards: Tons of free jerky for one thing. We obviously don't expect any self respecting jerky lover to write a review without being to taste the goods. Other payments will be determined based on the quality of your work and experience. Our hopes is to find some great staff writers from this process. We recognize that great writing takes time and we expect to pay for that time. 

How to apply:

Contact with the title "jerky writer" and let us know why you would be a good fit for the gig. Get bonus points by writing a review on one of the Jerky's you have purchased from us. We will get back to you if we think you would be a good fit for this and give you a test run.