Beef Jerky - Sweet Habanero - Medium Tenderness 1lb & Bulk


If you love the Jerkyspot™ line of jerky's and are looking for a great deal than our bulk offers are perfect for you. Bulk bags allow us to save money on packaging (a large expense with smaller bags). That means we can pass the saving onto you. As much as 40% off for buying in bulk.

How it's made:

  1. Our Sweet Habanero brisket cut jerky starts with Premium Black Angus Brisket Whole Muscle Cut (Rarely used in jerky because it is more expensive meat)
  2. Excess fat is hand trimmed from the cut
  3. It then gets infused with our secret habanero marinade using a vacuum infused marinade tumbler for maximum penetration
  4. After it gets infused it gets a healthy topical coating of habanero spice mixture for an even, consistent heat.
  5. We the smoke & dry our jerky on flat racks to avoid curling to provide a consistent thickness and experience. 
  6. Our jerky is made in small batches 100 pounds or less to ensure premium quality. 

Tasting Notes:

  • Very hot for a Habanero jerky. It's got some kick. Not quite at a ghost pepper level, but as far as habanero foods go, this ones on the kickin side. 

Available Sizes:

  • 3 pack of 3oz bags
  • 1lb bags (order more than one to take advantage of automatic quantity discounts)

 Ingredients: Beef, Teriyaki Sauce (Soy Sauce [Water, Wheat, Soybeans, Salt], Wine, Sugar, Water, Vinegar, Salt Onion Powder, Spices, Succinic Acid, Garlic Powder), Brown Sugar, Spices, Garlic,Habanero, Onion, Liquid Smoke, Sodium Nitrite.  CONTAINS: SOYBEANS AND WHEAT


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