The Judge Jerky Gun, 2.7lb Double Barrels W/ Stick and Strip Attachments


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Checkout what RJ wrote about our Gun in his Amazon review:

By RJ on Nov 21, 2015

This is the real deal. I make 60 pounds of hamburger jerky each year. Season it, cold smoke it, and dehydrate it. I took the flattened rip and rounded it out in my vice. Now I have doubled my production with a tip that will make big tootsie roll sized tubes.Gun performance is flawless. They dry just fine before I vacuum pack them. The picture here is 8.5 pounds of venison with this modified tip. I shoot the meat directly on the grill.

  • DURABLE: Don't settle for a plastic barrel gun, which will crack and malfunction under repeated use and pressure. The Judge gives you a solid pistol grip with a durable and corrosion resistant anodized aluminum barrel. Now you can have commercial-quality jerky equipment in the comfort of your home. Perfect for all types of meat processing whether you're a hunter, farmer, paleo snacker or an urban chef.
  • DOUBLE CAPACITY: There's nothing worse than getting your hands messy and covered in meat because you have to stop and fill up in the middle. Load up The Judge once and it will fill your dehydrator with a few pulls of the trigger. Over twice the meat storage capacity of other guns. With double the storage you can spend less time filling equipment and more time enjoying jerky making.
  • VARIETY: Homemade flat strips are healthy and fun to make for the whole family. Why not make round snack sticks too, like the kind you've seen in the store? The Judge comes with two aluminum attachments, round and flat. Quick twist-on attachments make it simple to add variety to your next batch of healthy snacks.
  • EASY TO CLEAN: Cleaning is easy. Simply unscrew the nozzle and the trigger with a few twists. The Judge includes an extra-long cleaning brush, making it a breeze to clean the inside of the barrel.
  • THE JERKYSPOT GUARANTEE: Brought to you by the name you can trust, JerkySpot - the world's best beef jerky store. Our guarantee is simple: If you're not completely satisfied with the quality and function of our equipment, or if you have any issues at all, send it back for a full refund.

The Judge - The Final Verdict In Jerky Making. Do you love eating different jerkys but it's just too dang expensive to buy the stuff from the store? Wouldn't it be great if you could make your own homemade snacks with healthier ingredients? And what if it were now so simple, that you were able to create your own brave new flavors for friends and family to snack on.

Jerky making hasn't always been easy.

It used to be if you picked up a shooter, it would be made of all plastic. This led to all sorts of problems. Not only with the moving parts, but with pressure inside the device. As you might imagine, pressure and plastic barrel guns don't mix. Plastic barrels can't handle much pressure and will break down after one or a few uses. Which might leave you wondering if making jerky is even worth the equipment and effort. That is until JerkySpot created The Judge.

Named for its heavy duty construction and unrelenting function, The Judge by JerkySpot is an beginner to intermediate cook's dream. Simply start by mixing your favorite ground meat and spices. Load up The Judge and twist on a flat or round attachment. Then squeeze the trigger to release perfectly shaped strips into your dehydrator trays. That's it!

The Judge makes it simple to create your own homemade snacks. And when you're done, we include an extra-long cleaning brush to make cleanup a breeze.

What's the Difference: Jerky Cannon vs. Gun vs. Shooter?

While shopping around, you may have noticed shooters, guns and cannons but what's the difference? Essentially, it's all about size. A "gun" or "shooter" may come in all sizes, while a "cannon" tends to be a much larger capacity option, such as The Judge.